CASE statements in Google Data Studio

CASE statements let you to create new dimensions in Google Data Studio based on existing ones. Syntax of CASE statement reminds SQL a lot: To create a new calculated field – open your Data Studio report, and click “Create new field”: Give your new dimension a name, and write the CASE statement in “Formuła” field: Read more about CASE statements in Google Data Studio[…]

5 Google Spreadsheet formulas which every web-analyst should know

Google Spreadsheet formulas is a powerful tool which can make your life much more easier if you are working with data a lot. There are a lot of interesting extensions that can be interesting for a online marketeer, like Google Ads or Google Analytics extension for Google Spreadsheets, but data which you`ll get from them Read more about 5 Google Spreadsheet formulas which every web-analyst should know[…]

New vs Returning Client-ID variable in Google Tag Manager

Sometimes, while configuring tags in Google Tag Manager, we want to know if the user visiting our site for the first time or not. Variable like that can be very useful if we want to fire some of our tags only for new or returning users, or assign different conversion value of the same conversion Read more about New vs Returning Client-ID variable in Google Tag Manager[…]

Offline campaigns measuring with “Vanity URL”

Vanity URL – is a short version of your site domain, that is easy to remember and enter in the browser. This picture from newspaper should explain you pretty well why publishing of usual links in your offline advertise is not a good idea. Let`s imagine I`m promoting my app – SKAGs Table Creator, which is Read more about Offline campaigns measuring with “Vanity URL”[…]

Multi-Channel Analysis in Google Analytics

As you might know, people often doesn`t buy anything just after they have seen an advertisement. How many people you know, that have bought a car just after they`ve seen for the first time a banner (even very attractive), with that car? Yes, some cheap products can be bought impulsively, but before buying any kind Read more about Multi-Channel Analysis in Google Analytics[…]

How to Create a Data Set in Google Analytics

Data sets in Google Analytics are allow to import external data into your account. An example of such data could be your costs, spend on SEO or Facebook campaign. Keeping all data in one analytical system allows for comprehensive analysis of all your advertising channels. So, that`s how to create a Data Set in Google Read more about How to Create a Data Set in Google Analytics[…]

How To Import Data to AdWords Editor

Dont`t have AdWords Editor? Download it here. AdWords editor lets you to import data for your campaign from other sources in table-like format. You can prepare that table in Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets or any other similar tool. Preparing data for your campaign in that way will save your time and nerves. You can prepare table with data Read more about How To Import Data to AdWords Editor[…]