How To Import Data To AdWords Editor

AdWords editor lets you to import data for your campaign from other sources in table-like format. You can prepare that table in Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets or any other similar tool. Preparing data for your campaign in that way will save your time and nerves.

You can prepare table with data for your AdWirds Search Campaign fast and easily with my add-on for Google Spreadsheets. Check it out:

SKAGs Table Creator add-on for Google Spreadsheets

When you`ll prepare well structured table with data, you`ll need to paste that into AdWords Editor, here’s how to do it:

  1. Enter AdWords Editor, click “Account” → “Import”→ “Paste text”.
  2. Paste your copied table to this window:
  3. So you should get something like this:
  4. Check if all headers of columns are OK and click “Process”.
  5. Check if all elements of your table are added and click “Finish and review changes”.

Your campaign and its elements has been added!

Check your campaign, add missing elements, finish configuration and then post it. That`s all!

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