Import Cost Data to Google Analytics


With this free addon for Google Spreadsheets you can easily import cost data of your advertising campaigns straight to Google Analytics. Keeping all data in one analytical system allows for comprehensive analysis of all your advertising channels.

So that`s how it works:

  1. Create a data set in Google Analytics: How to Create a Data Set in Google Analytics
  2. Install add-on “Import Cost Data to Google Analytics” and click “Show Sidebar” in addon`s menu.
  3. Fill all required fields in addon`s sidebar. How to find:
    • Account ID – go to your Google Analytics⇒Admin⇒Account Settings
    • Tracking ID – go to your Google Analytics⇒Admin⇒Property Settings
    • Data Set ID – go to your Google Analytics⇒Admin⇒Data Import

  4. Click “Save ID`s” button – that will save your ID data, so you will not have to enter them again in future.
  5. Choose data that you want to import (checkboxes), they should be same as in your data set in Google Analytics.
  6. Fill columns with data, but remember:
    • write date in format (dd/mm/yyyy), for example (18/06/2018).
    • if needed – use dots in numbers, for example: 100.55
  7. Upload data manually with button or turn on the everyday trigger.

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