SKAGs Table Creator


A free add-on for Google Spreadsheets, that creates a scheme of AdWords search campaign for AdWords Editor. All you need is to paste in the appropriate columns your keywords, three versions of second headlines and three versions of Ad texts. Then click “Create SKAGs Table” and you`ll get a table with campaign structure called SKAGs (Single Keyword Ad Groups). Just copy that table, paste into the AdWords Editor and complete the configuration. Don’t forget to check your campaign before publishing.

What is Single Keyword Ad Groups and why should I use it?

How to use SKAGs Table Creator:

  1. Install SKAGs Table Creator add-on for Google Spreadsheets.
  2. Click “Prepare Sheet” in add-ons menu.
  3. Fill all required fields.
  4. Click “Create SKAGs Table”.
  5. Enter a name for your campaign.
  6. Copy new table and paste it to the AdWords Editor.

How To Import Data to AdWords Editor

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